Advantages of sandwich color steel plate | sandwich roof panel

Oct 09 2021

Lightweight structure
       The self-weight of sandwich color steel plate is light, about 10~14kg/m2, which is equivalent to 1/20~1/30 of the weight of brick wall or concrete roof. It is currently the first choice for single-storey factory buildings, combined houses and construction of extra-storey buildings. Fast and efficient sandwich color steel plates can be easily installed in building construction, combined and arranged flexible, convenient and quick to operate, no wet operation, no secondary decoration, heat preservation and waterproofing are completed at one time, and the construction period can be shortened by more than 40%.
       The sandwich color steel plate is thermally insulated, suitable for industrial buildings with constant temperature and humidity requirements, and has no pollution and noise. It can be used as an enclosure material, which can greatly save operating costs after completion.
       The sandwich color steel plate has high strength, strong endurance, compression resistance, bending resistance, waterproof durability, long anti-corrosion period, and the anti-corrosion layer has a retention period of 10-15 years. It is easy to disassemble and relocate, and is convenient to transport. The manufactured mobile house can be reused.
       Beautify the appearance
       The sandwich color steel plate is bright in color, changeable in shape, beautiful and generous, without decoration, and has a smooth surface and easy cleaning. It is a new type of enclosure structure material that integrates load-bearing, heat preservation, waterproofing and decoration.
sandwich roof panel

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