Installation of Color Steel Sandwich Panel

Dec 13 2021

The first step: familiar with the drawings, you need to carefully read the color steel plate layout, joint requirements, and familiarize yourself with the relationship between the color steel plate and the building. In addition, it is necessary to understand the requirements of the color, filling, and basic size of the color steel plate itself, the size and arrangement of doors and windows in the partition, including the type of auxiliary materials and other content.

   Step 2: Familiarize yourself with secondary layout drawing, which is an important step in the prefabrication and installation of color steel plates.

   The third step: When the factory is prefabricated, according to past experience, the gap and installation margin should be fully considered for door openings, window openings and seams. In addition, factory inspectors should be set to find out the flatness of the plate produced by the factory and the plate insertion interface.

Step 4: Before installation, the laying work should be done after the ground (floor) surface is completed, and other relevant conditions for installation, such as larger equipment has been transported in place, and the underground pipeline has been adjusted. And the main installation work of the technical mezzanine can be carried out after the main installation work has been basically completed.

   Step 5: Install the upper and lower mangers, that is, the purification aluminum tank. Under normal circumstances, the lower manger will choose aluminum alloy profiles with inner and outer R angles, which should be determined according to the construction requirements on the drawings.

   The sixth step: finely erect the wall panels, install the prefabricated components according to the layout drawing, and use fixed plug-ins to lock the adjacent wall panels between the special interface board components.

  Step 7: Install the ceiling plate

   Step 8: Color steel plate-clad columns, boxes, columns in the purification area, use б=50 color steel plate to use uniform cylindrical columns. During installation, make sure that the aluminum alloy groove is consistent with the aluminum alloy crimping cut. When installing the door, pay attention to the opening direction. The door closer should adjust the opening speed and force.

   Step 9: In the purification area, as long as there is a possibility of affecting the speed of the cleanliness, it is necessary to apply a sealing silica gel.
color steel sandwich panel

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