The concept of thermal insulation performance of polyurethane sandwich panel

May 13 2022

When the polyurethane sandwich panel foam is foamed, the cell walls and edges of the cells form a closed structure, the closed cell rate reaches more than 90%, and the cells are independent of each other and do not communicate with each other. Therefore, the polyurethane sandwich panel has a very low thermal conductivity.
There are three ways of heat transfer: heat convection, heat conduction, and heat radiation
  a) Thermal convection: Due to the high integrity of closed cells, the closed cell structure can effectively prevent thermal convection;
  b) Heat conduction: The thermal conductivity of the foam body and the foaming agent gas in the cells is extremely low, such as the thermal conductivity of n-pentane λ=0.014W/m·K, so it has an excellent thermal insulation effect;
  c) Heat radiation: The cells of the polyurethane foam are essentially honeycomb structures, which can effectively reflect and absorb various heat.
In summary, the polyurethane sandwich panel has a good inhibitory effect on these three heat transfer methods, making the polyurethane sandwich panel an excellent thermal insulation material.

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