What is rock wool sandwich panel?

May 13 2022

Rock wool sandwich panel refers to a sandwich panel made of rock wool as the core material and color-coated plate or aluminum plate as the surface material, which is pressed and compounded, also known as the sandwich panel.
Rock wool sandwich panel is a sandwich panel made of rock wool. The rock wool sandwich panel completes the composite of the steel plate and the rock wool through the automatic equipment of the factory, which changes the traditional composite mode of the rock wool board. Basic requirements such as fire protection are further improved, and the quality is further improved. Rock wool sandwich panels are usually customized according to customer requirements. In the sandwich panel series, the fire performance is the best. Rock wool is mainly made of high-quality natural rocks such as diabase and basalt. The rock is melted at high temperatures above 1450°C, and the fibers are then frozen to form artificial inorganic fibers. At the same time, spray a certain amount of binder, dust-proof oil and hydrophobic agent into the rock wool, and collect it with a cotton machine. Using the pendulum method and three-dimensional method to solidify, cut, and paste to form rock wool products of different specifications and uses, the rock wool sandwich panel contains very low dust and slag content, and does not absorb water, so it is called "real rock wool". Because rock wool material itself has the characteristics of fire prevention, heat insulation, sound absorption and sound insulation, it is often used in curtain walls and roofs of public buildings and industrial buildings. Rock wool sandwich panels have been widely used abroad, especially in Europe, but they still have great potential for development in my country.

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