Professional container house builder

Professional container house builder

Advantages of detachable container house :
1.The house has good bearing capacity and can be stacked with 2 layers, which is shock-resistant and has high stability.
2.Beautiful appearance and good looking. The frame of detachable container is relatively thick, making the house look stronger.
3.The materials of delachable container house are all ntegrated and modular. The specifications are unform, the shape is uniform, and the force ishigh.
4.Workers are easy to instal: ordinary workers can install them without knowing the container welding technology. The materials of the packingboxes are bolted and assembled quickly. It is a veritable quick assembly house.
5.Environmentally friendly products: Now the state has increased the control f welding and painting of container houses. Traditinall weldedcontainer houses are relatively polluted.The packing box frame is generally produced by a large enterprise, and the manufacturer must pass theenvironmental assessment of the environmental protection department. No for the environment

Detachable is the one type container that with low cost and fast construction on site, it is the new type simple temporary container that can use manpower to do the construction without machine or crane, is suitable to use for the site that not convenient with power or the machine crane.

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Foshan B.H housing technology Company is a professional manufacturer of prefabricated house, container house, light steel villa, steel structure and sandwich panel. It consists of two manufacturing units based in the Foshan.
Our products are widely use as the commercial and industry such as construction site, office, labour camp, worker accommodation, canteen, Laboratory building,Storage room, warehouse, workshop, Kitchens, lounge , Latrines, Cantina , steel villa ,steel home,holiday house, vacation house, low cost housing,customized housing etc.
We always enhance our application abilities of steel building, prefab house and promote the new-green type house under the work of our strong technical team, strict QC team, talent R&D team, rich experienced Sales Team, skilled Production Team. Basing on their good management, strict quality control and excellent service, we success to export our product to more than 55 countries in South Pacific, South America, Middle east, Africa, South east Asia etc.

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Matters needing attention in the use of container house

Pay attention to drainage and water supply: The container is an integral wrought iron structure, and the basic work of drainage and water supply is completed, and moisture can be avoided in the later stage.
The thermal insulation layer is very important. After the container house is fixed, it is necessary to add a layer of sound insulation cotton and thermal insulation cotton, and install air-conditioning facilities.
Pay attention to lightning protection: If container houses are installed in the mountain wilderness, iron container houses will easily become the target of thunder and lightning.

Matters needing attention in the use of container house
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B.H is a trusted brand. The quality of the insulation sandwich I bought is very good and the effect is very good.


The quality of B.H's mobile homes is very good, and there are many styles to choose from. The cooperation with it has met all my needs.


B.H is a very reliable partner. We have been cooperating with it for many years and have also witnessed the continuous growth of B.H.

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We are factory .Welcome to visit us ,we will show you the models and the materials in our factory.

We Manufacturing the steel structure warehouse and building, prefab house, container house, portable home, worker camp, low cost housing, villa house, government housing project, emergency room,insulation sandwich panel etc.

we will design the safety and wind resistance according to the local climate ,and we usually design the house with the earthquake intensity by 7 degrees (0.1g ) calculate the earthquake ;and the wind load with 100~120km/H.

1、We can send engineer to do the supervisor on site to help to instruct the installation on site. And standard fee is you need to offer the around tickets ,dormitory ,food ,and USD100 each person each day . 2、We also can provide the installation team and the cost should be negotiation by both party.

Normal will be T /T, 40% advanced as deposit and 60% payment before delivery.

We have wall panel and roof panel, and the core materials are  EPS sandwich panel , rock wool sandwich panel ,glass wool sandwich panel ,PU sandwich panel .MGO sandwich panel, cleaning room panel, handcraft sandwich panel, wall and roof type panel etc.

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