How to effectively prevent rust in prefab houses?

Jan 20 2021

At present, most people prefer to choose prefab house when living outside, but prefab house will inevitably have some common problems. The following is a simple analysis of how prefab houses rust.

1. Airtight exterior wall:

Everyone knows that if steel materials are left in a humid outdoor environment for a long time, rust will easily occur. The prefab house made of light steel structure is also prone to this situation during the entire use process. Therefore, if you want to prevent it from being rusted by harmful substances at the root cause, you can choose a closed exterior wall method to prevent outdoor humid air from entering the house.

2. Products that can be waterproof:

Many people who go out far away will choose prefab house in advance, and it is often full of passenger traffic. In fact, it will also cause indoor humidity to accumulate inside the prefab house. At this time, use some waterproof products, such as putting some waterproof thermal insulation materials inside the prefab house to isolate the intrusion of moist gas.

prefab house

3. Perform regular maintenance on the wall:

Rust is a precondition that endangers the service life of prefab house. Even if the user operates in accordance with the above two aspects, the process cannot 100% prevent prefab house from rusting. If it is found that the wall of the prefab house may show rust, the user should immediately carry out anti-rust treatment and solve it, as well as painting and maintenance.

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