Points to note when installing and using Flat packed container

Nov 05 2021

1. Cannot be placed in soft soil

Flat packed container should not be placed on bare soft ground. Over time, water will corrode metals. The container itself is not heavy, but it must have a solid foundation.

Flat packed container The designer recommends placing concrete on the concrete to ensure the container house is fixed, or you can choose a more reliable concrete slab. Stable container houses can usually avoid accidental dumping in high winds.

2. Internal insulation work of container house

The most important point is that the wind and rain protection of the metal parts of the container house cannot be ignored. A gas barrier and a waterproof layer must be installed to keep the interior of the container structure dry.

Various insulation and heat preservation methods are prepared to extend the life of Flat packed container. The steel engineering building control module can conduct heat reasonably and reduce the temperature, and the container house is located on the inner wall. The surface uses foamed plastic insulation material to prevent the leakage of cold air from damaging the seal.

At present, many scenic spots and commercial places have begun to reserve a large amount of Flat packed container. It is not a lightweight structure, but it can be moved freely. This is a characteristic of this non-commercial housing, so there is no need to move it. Large-scale professional equipment, so even if it follows the frequent movement of the construction team, it will not cause economic pressure on the enterprise.

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