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Apr 29 2022

Container mobile room new welding mobile room is a popular residential container in recent years. Because its technology is close to container, it is also called residential container. The technical standard of this container room is lower than that of the container room. It is characterized by convenient transportation, installation and movement, low cost, service life of more than 10 years, high utilization rate and wide range of use. The Chengdu container manufacturer will give us a detailed explanation below.
Container mobile room is a relatively new building system. Spliced, it looks like a container. It can be hoisted directly during transportation, which is very convenient. Therefore, container mobile room is becoming more and more popular.
The container mobile room can be reused, with convenient disassembly and assembly, superior performance, good stability and firmness, good shockproof performance, relatively low cost and very good house. In addition, the container mobile room will not produce construction waste, which meets the concept and design requirements advocated by the Universiade. Chengdu container manufacturer's activity room is deeply sought after by foreign young people and has become a popular fashion.
However, the container activity room also needs to be improved. Due to the good sealing of the container activity room, air conditioning is needed to adjust the indoor temperature in summer. We believe that with the progress of the times and technology, the development of container mobile houses will be further improved.
1. Now the cost of self built houses is getting higher and higher, and many people have noticed the residential containers. Indeed, when we mentioned the container before, we thought it was used to load and move goods, but in fact, in the West, This new architectural form has long been mature and applied to ordinary buildings.
2. The container house is simple, personalized, convenient, regular, movable, fast construction and strong plasticity. The lines are extremely simple and smooth. The modern architectural modeling is very suitable for young people and people in rural characteristic farmhouses. A container is a room. Style conversion is simple and easy to handle.
3. Imagine that on the outdoor grass, the house is built on the slope, and the three-story large French windows can have a panoramic view of the beautiful outdoor scenery. The color matching of the container room is also very harmonious. If you live in such a house, you must live a very comfortable life.
4. You must also be curious about how the container room is built step by step. Let's take you through it. Container house is also a prefabricated house. The construction process also requires design, factory production and on-site installation
5. First: according to the design drawings, leave door and window openings in the factory, and then carry out the theme building. The construction process of the main body is really fast. Once several boxes are hoisted, the main body is ready.
Finally, in terms of interior decoration, we use wood as the frame and determine the thickness of the insulation layer according to the temperature of the construction site, which is also a comfortable way of living.

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