Foshan B.H housing technology Company is a professional manufacturer of prefabricated house, container house, light steel villa, steel structure and sandwich panel. It consists of two manufacturing units based in the Foshan.
Our products are widely use as the commercial and industry such as construction site, office, labour camp, worker accommodation, canteen, Laboratory building,Storage room, warehouse, workshop, Kitchens, lounge , Latrines, Cantina , steel villa ,steel home,holiday house, vacation house, low cost housing,customized housing etc.
We always enhance our application abilities of steel building, prefab house and promote the new-green type house under the work of our strong technical team, strict QC team, talent R&D team, rich experienced Sales Team, skilled Production Team. Basing on their good management, strict quality control and excellent service, we success to export our product to more than 55 countries in South Pacific, South America, Middle east, Africa, South east Asia etc.

Our Mission

Company philosophy

Home culture, win-win developing with our customers, employee & partners!

Company Mission

We provide the best solution for the prefab construction!

Company core value

Customer first, respect employees, quality - oriented, results - oriented.

Our Philosophy

1.Design capacity:
Our design department have 6 experience engineers with more than 15 years job capacity on the design, detailing, technology & R&D. they all are skillful to use Auto CAD ,SketchUp, Tekla Structures, Lumion, PMPK & PS-CS6 software. We can provide the base design plan, details drawing, shop drawing, structure drawing and construction drawings.
2.Quality control:
Our Quality control team have 4 experience QC, from the raw materials to the finished products, we takes serious for each process to make sure all the products in approved quality and provide the good quality products to our clients!
3.Other facilities options
B.H housing technology offers a wide variety of options to its clients to make the clients easy and economical for sourcing related items like:
-Decorative items
-Electrical items
-Kitchen wares
-Related accessories.
-And other materials as required.
4.Installation and after-sales service
-Supervisor on site to instruct assembling.
-Train your staffs.
-Provide our assemble team.
-Provide Professtional Guidance to assemble.

Our Team

We always enhance our application abilities of prefab house and promote the new-green type house under the work of our strong technical team, strict QC team, talent R&D team, nich experienced Sales Team, skilled Production Team

  • Share culture

    We have the weekly share meeting in the difference department, sharing with the developing innovative
    solutions.share more and we get more.
  • Technical developing culture

    We have the technical meeting weekly to keep our design,
    fabrication can follow and match with our customers request!
  • Incentive culture

    We have the PK system for our company, and every month we will have the incentive in our
    whole company,reward to the staffs who do the good job in this month.
  • Learning culture

    Never too old to learn, to better way to have the good management for the company is we need to keep on our learning.
    EMBA Graduation party!