Steel Structure

Steel structure is one of the main construction types, which is made of steel materials. It is mainly made of steel beams, steel columns, steel trusses and other components. Every component or part is usually connecting with welds, bolts or rivets. Due to its lighter weight and simple construction, steel structure is widely applied to large factories, stadiums, shopping malls, high-rise buildings and other fields.

① Features:
1.Designed to meet the requirements of high wind speed and earthquake resistance, up to 50 years lifespan.
2.Light weight, high strength and large span.
3.Short construction period and can reduce the invest cost.
4.High fire resistance and strong corrosion resistance.
5.Easy removal, pollution-free and recycled.

② Specification:
Component Specification
Main Frame Painted/Galvanized steel frame with H-steel, C and Z steel, Q345/Q235/Q195 grade materials.
Roof & Wall Insulation sandwich panel/ single steel sheet
Door Steel sliding door/sandwich panel door/rolling door
Window Aluminium/PVC/ steel sliding window

③ Advantage:
1.Wide-range usage: Steel structure can apply to factories, warehouses, office buildings and hangars and so on. It not only can apply for single-layer large span building but also multi-storey or high-rise buildings.
2.Simple construction and short construction period: All components are completely prefabricated in factory and it just need to assemble on site, which short the construction period. A 6000m2 steel structure building only needs 40 days to finish assembling.
3.Durable and easy for maintenance: The steel structure building designed by computer can resist harsh climate and only need simple maintenance.
4.Beautiful and practical: Lines of steel structure buildings are smooth and clean and contemporary. Multiple colors are optional for wall panels and it also can choose other material for wall, which shows its flexibility.
5.Reasonable cost: It can reduce the foundation cost as its light weight. Quickly assembling can make the steel structure put into operation as soon as possible, which comprehensive economic benefit is much better than concrete structure building.
Skillful technical & structure engineer can provide the completed structure & construction drawings:


Our professional QC team do the MT & UT test in workshop:

Experience packing & loading for delivery:
Provide supervisor on site for installation
Steel Structure

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