K-type modular house

K House is a new kind of environmental economical prefabricated house, which building with light steel skeleto. The K House can assemble and disassemble easily and quickly. It realizes the general standardization of temporary buildings and builds an architectural concept of environmental protection and energy saving, fast and efficient, which makes temporary house developing into styling product area of series developing, integrated producing, matching supplying, storage and reused. 
① Feature:
Stable structure. Light steel has a flexible construction system, which is safe and reliable and can meet the standard of construction design.
1.Disassemble easily. The K house can be disassembled multiple times and reused. It just need simple tools to install and every person can install 20-30 sqm per day in average.Six people can finish a 3K*10K (240sqm) standard prefabricated house in 2 days.
2.Beautiful decoration. The whole building has a good decorative effect as beautiful and dignified, bright and lustrous, soft and smooth.
3.Flexible layout. Doors and windows can place in anywhere, partitions can set in any horizontal axis and the stairs put in outdoor.
4.Waterproof structure. The K house adopt waterproof structure design so it do not need to do any other waterproof treatment.
5.Long life span. All light steel of K house are dealing with anti-corrosion spray and its life expectancy can up to more than 10 years under normal use.  
6.Environmental and economic. The K house designs reasonable and disassembles easily. It can use repeatedly and has low loss rate which does not produce construction waste. The average annual cost is much lower than other similar materials building houses.

② Usage:
The K house is widely used as temporary constructing house of field work like road, railway and construction site or municipal and commercial and other temporary housing. For example: temporary office, headquarter, dormitory, shop, school, hospital, parking, exhibition hall, maintenance part and gas stations.

K House Area Calculation:

Attention:Standard Double Floor prefabricated house has 1 staircase,one is on the left side and the other is
on the right side.Each standard staircase is 4.5㎡,corner staircase(for triple floor house) is 16㎡/set. When increase and decrease staircases, calculate according to this.

Area calculating rule:
1.Area=Length *Width *number of floor.
2.Standard staircase is 4.5㎡/pcs and corner staircase is 16㎡/pcs.
3.Awning is half of horizontal projected area.
4.Walkway board is according to projected area.
5.Awning panel blow out of wall in the range of 200mm,not calculating area.
6.Totally  Area=(1)+(2)+(3)+(4)
7.Project calculating is according to above-mentioned formula for to adjust cost expect special explanation.
Statement:Above Area calculating rule also applies to flat  prefab house.

Main Material List and Technical parameter

K house series:

single floor K-modular house:



Double floor K-modular house:

K-type modular house

K-TYPE modular house

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