Container houses | Competition of three container rooms

Apr 29 2022

Container houses 

Container mobile house is a familiar container house. It has stable structure, fast installation and green environmental protection. It can be used for temporary dormitories or offices in construction sites, roads and other fields. Container mobile rooms can be divided into three categories: folding, fixed and high fixed. Each has its own characteristics. Who is better?
1、 What is the general specification of container mobile room?
The standard container of container mobile room in the market is generally 3 * 6m, with an area of 18 square meters. If it is double-layer or customized, there will be some differences in size.
2、 Which is better for folding, fixed and high fixed models?
The folding, fixed and high fixed container movable houses have the advantages of stable structure, disassembly cycle, convenient installation and long service life. But they have their own characteristics:
The biggest feature of folding container mobile room is that it is foldable and more convenient. The height after folding is only 45cm, which can save customers the most cost whether in transportation or storage. During installation, one pull and one push, two people can complete the installation of a box room in three minutes, and the construction period is short.
The fixed container mobile room is not foldable, but can be moved in a whole box. It has low requirements for the foundation. There is no need to clean the luggage in the box during short-distance turnover. It can be transported with the box with low loss.
The appearance of the high fixed price container activity room is more beautiful and atmospheric. It can be used alone or stacked in multiple layers. The interior decoration is complete, which can meet many scenes such as work, life and entertainment.
Overall, the folding container room is cost-effective and supports customization. Of course, you can also choose what you like according to your own needs. For example, for projects that are in a hurry to live and use, are a little far away and have a large number of needs, foldable container rooms can be considered, which is convenient and fast. Fixed container house can be considered for engineering projects with short distance, small demand and no requirements for construction period. For projects with high requirements for appearance and style, high fixed container movable room can be considered.

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