Portable house | Portable modular mobile houses are becoming more and more popular

Apr 29 2022

Portable house

With the innovation of the construction industry, a kind of building called "mobile house" has come to the forefront of the times. Mobile house is a living room that can be easily assembled and moved. It has the function of looking like a trailer and having a living room inside. Such houses are widely used in, such as environmental protection public toilets, sanitation facilities, light steel houses, wooden houses, etc. Mobile houses have the characteristics of beauty, convenient construction, low environmental pollution and low investment.
Advantages of mobile housing
Low manufacturing cost
Mobile house or prefabricated house is a prefabricated house that can be transported from the manufacturing factory to the residential base. Because it can be manufactured all year round and adopts mass production technology, the construction cost of this kind of residence is relatively low.
Convenient transportation
Mobile houses are usually produced uniformly by the factory and then transported to the destination. Therefore, some movable houses have sliding or foldable side walls to reduce the width of the house during transportation; Other houses are transported in the form of parts and assembled after reaching the homestead.
Short assembly period and environmental protection
The assembly period of mobile integrated house is very short. Generally, a set of integrated house can be installed and built in about four days, which can also be equipped with water, electricity and gas. It will not produce a large amount of construction waste in the assembly process, and it can be recycled for many times through disassembly.
Most of the movable houses we usually see are two or three floors. It takes only 30 days from the in-depth design of building modules to manufacturing and supply, and then from transportation to the lifting of the main body. It can not only meet the living, office and commercial needs of people from all walks of life in the early construction stage, but also carry out "transportation and movement" with the further improvement of municipal construction planning. The technology of mobile houses in our company has been very mature. With the continuous change of people's ideas, they will have a very broad development space in the future.

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